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Friday, January 21, 2011

You’re The One Who Took This Pic ='(

You’re the one who took this picture.

i'm stat blogging after influenced from our relation.

used to write about you & me but i didn't noe how to private it.

i have a blog before dis, deleted to settle down my problem wit them.

now, i'm really epy wit dis blog bcoz dis is mine !

i noe who is my silent readers anymore.

you said . . . you want me to write something about you in my blog & i’m doing it now.

you said . . . you never forgetting on me? really?

you said . . . i will never leave the hand band that you gave for me.
now, i keep it on my box !

you said . . . i look nice when wear a shawl that you gave for me.
but, i never do it in front of you.

you said . . . you will in my side forever & ever. really?

and these, i hold on to all of burden. TIGHTLY !

now, i have to think what i'm gonna do in future of my life.

wish you happily.

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6 taikbintang:

ila said...

nice watch.

niniey_nOty said...

haahaa. watch uh da osak tali. teeneet !

Mra Mastura said...

=) smile dear..

niniey_nOty said...

@Mra Mastura
okeh ! =)
heehee. i'm oke aje yunk. mish u a lot. nak storystory kat mra ag.

ieMa ackLes said...

kenapa ni??
kenapa ni??
>>>sje nak menyebok...

hadapi dengan senyuman (^_^)

niniey_nOty said...

@ieMa ackLes
nothng special iema. heehee. my soul talk alone. teet !